Sound & Colour

Worlds of light and colour immerse the space, spherical sounds flood the room, bodies pulsate propelled by thick beats. Two dancers, a sound artist and a composer create an immersive experience in which sound, light, colour and dance merge into an aesthetic of poetic beauty. The current artistic project is a performance featuring live sound, dance, video projections and live streaming. Core to the production is sound-to-colour synaesthesia, in which music evokes colours and shapes. The performance addresses various aspects of synesthesia: the richness and beauty of synaesthetic experiences, but also the associated hypersensitivity and potential overstimulation that often accompanies synaesthesia. The artists of Sound & Colour Production are synaesthetes and non-synaesthetes. The individual perceptions influence the work already in the collaborative creation process. Sound & Colour Production creates a tangible resonance in the audience and provides an immersive, sensory experience.

Featured Artists
Stephanie Scheubeck

artistic director, idea, concept, dance, choreography


composition, sound artist

Matt Cleary

dance, choreography

Ciaran Markey

sound artist

COOK & Talk
Presentation & Workshop @ Tafelhalle Nuremberg (GER)
Wetek Werkschau @ AEDES Berlin (GER)
Atelier 15
Lecture Performance @ Schwabach (GER)
R&D Residency@Dance Limerick (IRL)July 23-August 3
R&D residency (UK) * June 09-18