About Sound & Colour Production

Music opens a space full of colours, textures and shapes, the number four is orange and the touch of velvet tastes like nutmeg. Sound & Colour Production explores the fascinating phenomenon of synaesthesia, where the stimulation of one sense or concept simultaneously and involuntarily triggers a second sense or concept. There are more than 150 types of synaesthesia known of today. The synaesthetic perceptions are different for each synaesthete, for example the letter B is blue for one and green for another, and are often accompanied by strong emotions.

Sound & Colour Production celebrates diversity in society by the example of synaesthesia. The production creates space for exchange and discussion on how we perceive the world in a unique and individual way, while giving insight into synaesthesia. It illuminates and enhances the beauty and enrichment this diversity holds for society.

As a link between academic research and lived experience, the production provides a platform for exchange on the  our highly individual processing of sensory information. Artistic projects, workshops, discussions and research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance inform one another in this vibrant production.

Sound & Colour Production is supported among others by

Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland