Diving through Worlds of Colour – Creative Flow Workshop for Children

What colour is the sound of a trumpet? And how does this colour make me dance?

In this workshop, the children playfully explore a synaesthetic fusion of the senses. The workshop is dedicated to the infinite imagination of children and gives space to their creativity by gently guiding them on a journey through various sensory stimuli such as sound, touch, movement and vision.

Music, dance and drawing enrich one another in an immersive game. The perception is directed to the body as a starting point and anchor. We listen to perceive the acoustic environment differentiated and activate our senses – feel the temperature of the air, perceive our body in motion, see what surrounds us: How does your skin feel when a bird flies past and almost touches the arm? Does this feeling have a color? Maybe a taste? A sound?

In paintings and drawings, we capture these feelings and images and turn the painting into movement. The result is an open improvisation in which dance, sound and imagery interweave. The children design a colorful scenery which becomes their playground for creative dancing.

This journey through the senses closes with a relaxation for the children to integrate the experiences.

Suitable for children from 3 years and older. No prior knowledge required.