Community Workshop

This multi-art form workshop centers around synaesthesia, a fascinating phenomenon where the senses blend.

Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative exchange. Through somatic movement we tune into our sensory perception. Music stimulates vivid imagery. Through creative drawings and paintings we make the imagery tangible. In vibrant dance improvisations we translate the paintings and drawings into movement. A lively, attentive and respectful exchange on the very individual ways of perception and sensory processing takes place artistically as well as verbally throughout the workshop.

The workshop is open to participants of diverse backgrounds in movement, dance, fine art and music. It specifically invites participants who are new to this kind of work and who are interested in exploring movement, sensory perception, sound, drawing and neurodiversity in a vibrant workshop.

Let your creativity go wild, boost your phantasy –

MOVE it * SENSE it * DRAW it!


Somatic Movement Warm-Up
We explore sensory perception and attend our inner sensations. We sense from the skin inwards, into the body, and outwards, into the surrounding space. How does our body feel today? How do the touch with the floor, with the clothes and the air feel? What do I hear in when attending the space around me?

Listening – Sound as Stimulus
We use sound as inspiration to create vivid imagery and abstract associations. This exploration is followed by a verbal exchange in the group to exchange on the various and divers ways of perception and association.

Drawing – Translation of a Stimulus
We translate the associations and the vivid imagery into drawings and pain- tings. This action resembles the synaesthetic blending of sensory perception. The physical action of drawing serves as abstraction of the sensory experience into an new medium.

Dance Improvisation – Embodying the Drawing
The drawings serve as inspiration for a dance improvisation: How does blue make your body want move? Where do you see this shape in space? Which body part do you connect with the pink dot on your drawing? These relations will be explored individually as well as in the group. Together, we create an instant composition while playfully interacting with one another.

Integration – Tracing the Journey & Sensing Resonances
A time to integrate the experiences of this sensory, associative journey is set at the end of the workshop. It provides space to reflect upon and to tra- ce the internal and external movements in stillness and to let them settle in our body-mind system.

Depending on the time frame the workshop also embraces filmmaking and installation formats.