Research Lab

Expanding Physicality – Exploring Neurodivergence
@ Labormanifest 2024 Freibrug (GER)

In this Lab, we will think, feel, experience and exchange physically and verbally on the concept of neurodivergence. Through different scores that include movement, writing, drawing, listening, we will dive into and explore the diversity of our body-minds, which enriches our world in colorful ways.Neurodivergent artist Stephanie Scheubeck will share questions of her research into the relationship between the phenomenon of synaesthesia, dance and embodiment. She’ll also be drawing on a research intensive that she conducted together with Jenny Döll (neurodivergent dancer/performer and researcher) in which they studied how synaesthesia (Stephanie) and ADHD (Jenny) shape their artistic bodily practices. Looking at similarities as well as differences, one aspect of interest in this research is also how a neurodivergent perscpective can enrich a ciritical and sustainable artistic practice. 

Stephanie Scheubeck (Freiburg) & co-developed by Jenny Döll Berlin (GER)